Heidi Coles
The Artist!
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About Us

Welcome to Heidi Creates!  In my beginning
stages as a commercial artist, I was solely
focused on my glass work (lampwork, aka. Hot
Coles Glass).  Now, not only do you see my
glass beads and jewelry creations but, you will
find my paintings in the form of originals,
prints, apparel, cards, stickers, etc.

It was around 2004 that I began my journey in
lampworking and sold it through my gallery in
Woodruff, WI, all the way through to 2016.  
This coincided with some major life changes,
which included going to Florida during the
winter months.  Seeing how I couldn't take my
glass studio with me, I brought back to life my
love of painting and sewing.  This has
morphed into quite the venture, as you will see
through the other artwork showcased on my

As with any art, this is truly a journey of
continual learning and evolving as an artist.  I
am self taught but have gathered much
knowledge from books and YouTube, where I
picked up knowledge of some really great
mediums to use with fabric and painting.  

Every day I see myself growing artistically and
know that I am only limited by my own vision.  
The sky is the limit!

Hope you enjoy!
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